Hydraulic Cargo Lift Table

Lifting height 3m (10ft)
Loading capacity 3000kg (6614lbs)
Platform size 2.5* 1.5m (8*4.92ft)

Stationary Cargo Scissor Lift Introduction

Hydraulic Lift tables/platforms are used for lifting and lowering goods at required height  in safe condition for the operator. Main components are the top platform, the lower frame, the scissor system activated by one or more cylinders and hydraulic motor. Scissor lift tables have became a commonly used type of equipment in many different industry fields. Now they are the best solution for the manual load handling, matching the safety standards with protection function, cost-saving, safety and health of operators during work.
In accordance with work site installation size, special scissor lift table can be customized and designed for your special needs.

Customized stationary scissor lift with guide rail for more stable.

Scissor Lift Table Application

A part of smart equipment

A kind of Dock Ramp

Loading equipment