Four Posts Goods Lift

Lifting height 2.4-15 meters (7.9-49.0 ft)

Loading capacity 1000-5000kg (2204-11023lbs)

Max. Platform size 5* 5 meters (16.4 *16.4 ft)


Cargo lift may be your good choice. Hydraulic cargo lift is widely used in indoor or outdoor workplaces of the buildings and warehouses, lifting goods or pallets among different vertical floors. It’s mainly used to provide fast, efficient, convenient and safe access for goods to reach mezzanines, basements, and any levels in multi-storied buildings.

Cargo elevator can be fixed in the pit to keep the same level with ground. Or we can also offer one fixed ramp for convenient loading/unloading work if pit is not allowable.

Specific solutions can be provided on receipt of request. Just let us know your requirements like lifting height, capacity, platform size, etc. Our technical sales team will offer you professional lifting solutions accordingly.

Which kind of four posts goods lift do you want?

How many doors on guide rail cargo lift?

One Platform  Door

Two Platform  Doors

Is There Pit at Your Work/Job Site?

Without pit at work site, so the fixable ramp will be needed for easy getting on.

With pit, the platform level will be same with ground. Platform of hydraulic goods lift  is very easy to getting on.

What is goods' Max.weight transported to next floor?

Safety Capacity Up To 5000kg

Min. Weight down to any load

Platform Cabin Types


with square steel tube material

Guardrail square steel tube

with mesh covered

Guardrail with square steel tube frame

and stainless steel finishes

SAFLY Lifting Solution For Cargo

Safety is our center of design and manufacture. Without safety, others are not useful.

Overload Protection

Emergency Decline

Power Phase Protection

Motor Overload Protection

All Parts with High Quality Parts for four Posts Goods Lift

All the parts we use are first class quality and well-known brands.

Control Box
Control Panel/ COP
Limit Switch/ Position Switch/ Safety Sensor
Power Unit/ Hydraulic Pump Station
Leaf Chain/ Board Chain
Wire Rope/ Insurance Rope
Hydraulic Cylinder/ Piston
Guide Rail/ Post ( blue parts)

How to operate the cargo lift?

How to operate four posts cargo lift? Please check this video.