SAFELY Wheelchair Lift

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Platform Lifts

Whether you’re looking for a vertical platform lift or an inclinded platform lift, SAFELYLIFT  will find you the best solution for full access to your porch, garage, or other application.

About Hydraulic Wheelchair Lift

Residential Platform lifts can come in all shapes and sizes. Many are purpose-built for indoor or outdoor use and have features specific to the needs of the home or venue. Platform Lifts can be categorized in different ways: VPLs (vertical platform lifts), also called “porch lifts”, can be installed indoors or outdoors, and act more as an open elevator.

What are main parts of SAFELYLIFT home lift?

Wheelchair Lift Cabin

Painted Steel Material

Painted Steel with Tempered Glass

Full Stainless Steel Material

half closed cabin: Three kinds of materials can be adopted. Painted color steel, Painted steel with tempered glass and full stainless steel

Pump Station

Two kinds of pump station can be adopted.

Pure silent pump station made in Taiwan Region

Normal low noise pump station made in Shandong Province.

For silent sleep, Pure silent pump station will be best choice for your house

Home lift

Guide rail wheel and guide foot

With these two parts, passengers don’t feel shake,

When hydraulic home lift reach the wanted floor and stop.

T Type Guide Rail

Similar with passenger traction elevator,

Guide rail adopts T guide rail as hydraulic home lift guide rail.

With it,  operation is more smoothly than other guide rail.


Home lift

Bottom protection system

When cabin meet anything under the bottom,

Residential lift will be sopped by protection system to prevent anything from damage.

SAFELYLIFT Bottom Safety Sensor

Home lift

Door safety protection for passenger in lift car

When door opened, the lift operation will be stopped or lift can’t operate normally. Only on door closed condition, the home elevator can run normally.

● Fully enclosed
● Four clear sides for an open feeling
● Small footprint
● Quiet and reliable drivetrain
● Portable option
● 10-year manufacturer warranty

● Vertical Travel: 1000mm – 6000mm.
● Capacity: 100kg-350kg.
● Enclosure: fully enclosed with transparent panels
● Footprint: 48” wide by 61” deep
● Under-platform safety pan

● Power Gate Operator (upper and/or lower)
● Custom Colors
● Outdoor Use Package
● Battery Backup
● Upper Landing Gate

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